The Book of Singloids

Singloids cover_SM

FourCats Press is proud to present its first comic, The Book of Singloids, by the Persichetti Bros … A comic strip about nerdiness, friendship, sex, love … and other maladies of the human condition.

See below for a taste!


As the title suggests, the heroes of Singloids are a group of unattached thirty-somethings who struggle with the universal themes of sexlovefriendship…. You may feel you’ve heard plenty on those topics … but that’s where Singloids stands apart. The writing is exceptional, ironic, and sharp as a knife; the production values are excellent; the designs are expert; and the use of color is especially attractive. (fumettOnline)

Singloids jumps casually and playfully between social satire and intimate close-ups of (mostly disastrous) interpersonal relationships… The humor that comes only from the intelligent observation of reality is ever-present…. Singloids is so well designed and constructed that it could easily find a place among syndicated American comic strips. (BALLOONS, The Comic Strip Blog)

(The Book of Singloids) is seasoned by embarrassing encounters with the opposite sex, belated post-adolescent reflections, compromising conversations with co-workers, and a defiant call for Nerd Pride…. (IlMioLibro)

The main characters are Bob, Sid, and Ted, three friends who share both an apartment and an impressive series of adventures (and misadventures), including a zombie invasion, the attack of giant, genetically modified turkeys, and a special-forces rescue of a talking refrigerator…. A pearl waiting to be discovered. (Prevalente Anime e Manga)


The Book of Singloids
Paperback: 100 pages, full color

ISBN-10: 0989980030
ISBN-13: 978-0989980036

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Copies of The Book of Singloids are $15 (which includes domestic US shipping; contact us for rates abroad). Make payment via PayPal to; be sure to provide a shipping address. Our books are also available from your local bookstore, from IndieBound sellers (click on the red “Shop Indie Bookstores” at right), or from major online booksellers.

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[© The Persichetti Bros. and FourCats Press, 2015. All rights reserved. Please do not copy or distribute in any form.]

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