Cher – Ticino Notizie

Cher Upon A Midnight Clear is a modern fairy tale that takes on the subject of gender identity with a light, ironic touch, but is no less profound for all that. [Matteo B. Bianchi] reflects upon the ordeal of a little boy who cannot understand why the people who love him won’t accept him – why he remains, for them, so “different.” The doddering, unresponsive Santa Claus of Bianchi’s Christmas fable is the incarnation of the narrow-mindedness that requires children to conform to a one-size-fits-all model. It takes Cher – that glittering, gorgeous, joyful diva – to break through the darkness of the bigoted world where toys “for boys” and toys “for girls” become an insurmountable obstacle. Erasing the dreariness of the “norm,” she paints the new world in brilliant colors. There, every child can be happy. (Giuseppe Rescaldina, Ticino Notizie)