The books we want to read …

FourCats Press is an independent micro-publisher based in Seattle. We publish real books—the kind you can hold in your hand and whose corners you can turn down—using POD and traditional technologies.

Our areas of interest include LGBTQ+ & working-class fiction & non-fiction, translations (especially from Italian), and books about Italy, photography, and paleontology.

What We Lost in the Fire

A dark, occasionally lacerating humor and a well-honed sense of existential absurdity run throughout this richly varied collection of twenty-one short stories. Ricketts’ characters are messy. They’re nobody’s role models. This daring writing honors the distance traveled and the scars earned along the way, and the novella-length title story evokes the nearly indescribable zeitgeist of queer life in “the City” during the plague years. These are not “feel good” stories; they’re “feel human” stories.

Blue, Too: More Writing by (for or about) Working-Class Queers

An anthology of work by twenty writers who speak meaningfully—in short fiction, memoir, performance pieces, and prose poems—about queers in and from the working class. Blue, Too is also a sourcebook for working-class and queer studies and contains “A Blue Study: The Reader’s, Writer’s, and Scholar’s Guide” and “Reading Blue,” an extensive annotated bibliography that represents the first-ever attempt to create an exhaustive listing of materials related to queers and class.

The Book of Singloids

A comic strip about nerdiness, friendship, sex, love … and other maladies of the human condition. A defiant call for “Nerd Pride”!

How To Read A Photograph

A concise introduction to understanding what gives a photograph its power to move us and to make us think. Lavishly illustrated with more than 115 gorgeous color and black-and-white photographs, How to Read a Photograph is ideal for students of photography, for art lovers, for photographers, and for anyone in search of a brief guide to photographic composition.

Twenty Cigarettes in Nasiriyah: A Memoir

November 2003: A suicide attack on the Italian military base in Nasiriyah, Iraq, leaves 28 dead and scores wounded. A young, brash filmmaker is among the injured. In this true account, he reflects upon the circumstances that took him to Nasiriyah, the contradictions of the Italian military presence in Iraq, and his country’s response to the “Nasiryah Massacre.”

Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology

Paleonews & entertainment for avocational fossil collectors, paraprofessional paleontologists, and citizen scientists and students of all ages. Since 1995. Published four times a year in full color. Visit the FossilNews site for subscription and other information.

Cher Upon A Midnight Clear

How do adults know when something is for boys and when it’s for girls? Who tells them so? Where do they learn it? For eight-year-old Luca, it’s a mystery, but if he can’t convince his parents to give him the white ice skates he has his heart set on, Christmas is going to be ruined. Who does a child turn to when he can’t even count on Santa Claus?

The Heterosexual & Homosexual Identities: The Normalization of Sexual Relationships

More than 200 years of research and theory into the nature of sexual identity have failed to produce an unambiguous, universally adopted conceptual or operational definition of sexual orientation. This book is a sweeping critique of research and writing on sexual identity and the “normalization” of sexual relationships—from the 19th-century to the end of the 20th.


Part 1 of this beautifully illustrated comic series by Mike Keesey. Available in Italian only. | Sessantasei milioni di anni fa il mondo finì. Un asteroide con un diametro di più di dieci chilometri si schiantò contro la Penisola dello Yucatán. Tutte le forme di vita presenti nelle immediate vicinanze furono annientate in un batter d’occhio. Fu l’inizio dell’Epoca Paleocenica.