The Book of Singloids

FourCats Press is proud to present its first comic, The Book of Singloids, by the Persichetti Bros. (See samples below!)

A comic strip about nerdiness, friendship, sex, love … and other maladies of the human condition

Text and art by Stefano Tartarotti, Roberto Corda, and Roberto Frangi

$19.75| ISBN-13 : 978-0989980036 | 8.5” x 11” | 99 pages

About the Authors & Artists

The Persichetti Bros. (Stefano Tartarotti, Roberto Corda, and Roberto Frangi), are three nerdy friends who live and work in Milan, Italy. Bob, Ted, and Sid were born as “avatars” of Stefano and the two Robertos, and, at least at the beginning, were a way for the friends to poke good-natured fun at one another’s quirks, obsessions, and (mostly pathetic) love lives.

Not surprisingly, then, Bob, Sid, and Ted share some of the facts of their creators’ lives. They’re also thirty-somethings who share a penthouse apartment in a large, unnamed city. Their adventures (and misadventures) frequently involve their friend and downstairs neighbor, Meg, as well as work colleagues and an assortment of extras. Despite their (best?) efforts, the three guys seem doomed to permanent bachelorhood. Though on the constant prowl for available women, their relationships never seem to last long. In fact, Bob, Ted, and Sid have such serious difficulties relating to women that it’s no wonder they often get a little over-involved in their volunteer Wikipedia editing, online RPGs, or Viking fantasies. Still, when zombies invade the city or when Meg’s refrigerator becomes trapped on an island populated by genetically-modified turkeys, they always find a way to save one another from disaster.

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