Cher – La Repubblica

Luca, like most children, believes in Santa Claus. It’s just that old St. Nick can never manage to deliver the gifts Luca actually wants. Is Santa getting forgetful in his old age? When Luca falls in love with a pair of gorgeous thigh-high ice skates all in white, he decides to write his Christmas letter to Cher, the magical vision he has seen on TV. If anyone can understand what he wants, she will. In Cher Upon A Midnight Clear, Matteo B. Bianchi has created a fairy tale in which, with a light touch and a good dose of humor, he tells “the normal story of a boy who grows up to be gay.” Says Bianchi, “I wanted to write a fairy tale that worked on two levels. One was a fable whose magic and fantasy would appeal to children, and the other was a story that adults could interpret in a deeper way.” In this delicate and tender tale of a young boy’s search for identity … Bianchi creates an unconventional Christmas filled with conventional joy, and he shares a memory from his own childhood: “When I was little, in the midst of all my childhood dramas big and small, I never lost heart. I was certain, sooner or later, that someone would come along to magically put things right. Maybe even a glamorous woman covered in sequins.” (Lara Crinò, La Repubblica)