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Singloids cover_SMThe Book of Singloids [click for description]
Paperback: 100 pages (8 x 10)
ISBN-13: 978-0989980036
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The main characters are Bob, Sid, and Ted, three friends who share both an apartment and an impressive series of adventures (and misadventures), including a zombie invasion, the attack of giant, genetically modified turkeys, and a special-forces rescue of a talking refrigerator…. A pearl waiting to be discovered. (Prevalente Anime e Manga).


Cher Upon A Midnight Clear [click for description]
Paperback: 66 pages (5 x 8)
ISBN-13: 978-0989980029
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How do adults know when something is for boys and when it’s for girls? Who tells them so? Where do they learn it? For eight-year-old Luca, it’s a mystery, but if he can’t convince his parents to give him the white ice skates he has his heart set on, Christmas is going to be ruined. Who does a child turn to when he can’t even count on Santa Claus?

“Last year, they saw a commercial on TV for Barbie Magic Hair, a Barbie with no body, just a big head with long hair, and you can comb it, and color it, and put it up in curlers. And, since Luca and Pamela want to be hair stylists when they grow up, they both asked for Magic Hair Barbie in their letters to Santa Claus. Santa brought one for Pamela, but what Luca got instead was … a bicycle! A mistake that big—well, it could only mean Santa never even read Luca’s letter. This year, Luca can’t run the risk that things will go wrong again.”

Front CoverBlue, Too: More Writing by (for or about) Working-Class Queers [click for description]
Paperback: 486 pages (6 x 9)
ISBN-13: 978-0989980012
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“Blue, Too adds colors to the palette of American identity, rebuts the reductionisms of ‘multiculturalism,’ confuses categories that deserve to be confused, and propagandizes where propaganda is well warranted.” (From the Introduction.) Hungry for writing that illuminates our realities, our struggles, and our resistance to assimilation and mental gentrification? The twenty writers in Blue, Too entertain, challenge, and—most of all—speak meaningfully about queers in and from the working class. Includes a “Reader’s, Writer’s, and Scholar’s Guide” and a 500+-item Annotated Bibliography.

20cigs cover scanTwenty Cigarettes in Nasiriyah: A Memoir [click for description]

Paperback: 188 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0989980005
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November 12, 2003: A suicide attack on the Italian military base in Nasiriyah, Iraq, leaves nineteen dead and scores wounded. This is the story of a man who arrived in the midst of the terror, fire, and gunfire of a war that officially didn’t exist … and who came away both permanently changed and more determined than ever to tell what he’d seen with his own eyes.


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